Ankaa Founders Story

Long-time friends Shannon and Adrian bring their passions for health, beauty, nature, and the life-changing power of science to the creation of the Ankaa skin care line.

Shannon, whose parents are both medical doctors, grew up with many family discussions on health and well-being. There was a particular emphasis on skincare, including traditional botanical treatments and the latest innovations from laboratory research. As Shannon and Adrian became closer friends, he got inspired by her passion for skincare and eventually the idea of their own skincare line was born. This, in turn, led to an ongoing aspiration to develop new treatments for the skin and the founding of Ankaa.

Extensive research on striking botanical ingredients and laboratory development by leading skincare scientists have led to the development of the Ankaa Smooth & Lift Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer and Perfecting Serum. Both formulas contain high doses of formidable extracts of botanical ingredients combined with the most advanced skincare technology.

At Ankaa, we believe in sourcing botanical ingredients that are native to some of the most extreme environments on earth, including flora from high Himalayan Mountains and the nutrient-rich deep seas. Formulated to include the exclusive LS-NT Complex and patent-pending compound, Ankaa’s high-performing plant-powered formulas work deep within the skin’s surface to provide all-day hydration, visibly lift, firm, and tighten all facial zones, and reduce the appearance of large pores, wrinkles and fine lines.

Ankaa’s Smooth & Lift Time-Resist skin care formulas help restore youthful vitality and radiance and infuses the skin with a new vibrancy and glow.