Why Vegan Skin Care?

Ankaa: Why Vegan Skin Care?

You see it all over the news, from plant-based meats to pleather -- vegan is in! Buying vegan products is not just good for your diet -- the benefits extend way beyond, even to the realm of skin care! At Ankaa, we provide only the best vegan skin care derived from natural botanicals because we care about reflecting your inner beauty on the outside. Today we’ve got some quick facts about the benefits of vegan skin care:

1. Going Vegan = Going Green

Vegan skin care means no animal byproducts! Raising and caring for animals on an industrial scale leads to the reduction of crop land and increases the carbon footprint. On the other hand, botanically-derived ingredients leave a much smaller carbon footprint, as they require less food, water, and energy to maintain. Go vegan, go green!

2. Know What’s Inside!

Tired of trying to decipher the chemicals on the ingredient labels? Vegan skin care products are much more transparent, being honest with customers as to what goes into each moisturizer, serum, and more! Give yourself some peace of mind with our botanical, vegan products and ditch those unreadable labels!

3. Anti-Aging Effects

Skin care products that are not vegan often contain ingredients that can irritate and clog pores. However, plant-based skin care is the exact opposite! At Ankaa, both our Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer and our Smooth & Lift Time-Resist Perfecting Serum allow for clear, beautiful skin as well as naturally-derived anti-aging effects, thanks to our carefully selected botanicals. See the flower power for yourself!

4. No Animal Cruelty!

Lastly, a very important ethical benefit of using vegan skin care -- it’s cruelty-free! These two wonderful benefits go hand in hand. At Ankaa, you will never find a product that has been tested on animals. We believe in animal welfare from the formulation to the testing and delivery of our products to you. 

Vegan skin care is bright and beautiful, just like you. See the amazing ethical and beautifying effects for yourself today with Ankaa Beauty’s plant-based skin care!