This Moisturizer Will Save Your Skin From Sun Damage!

The transition between seasons means that change is all around us. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to renew your self-care routine and repair skin damage from the summer sun!

Hours spent lounging in the sun does a number on our skin, even if we use recommended sun protection. Bright rays and direct sunlight can dry out our skin and increase dullness as we move into fall. As the leaves turn and weather cools, the least thing that we want is tired, dry, and dull skin!

We at Ankaa are saying goodbye to summer skin and hello to your smooth, tight, and lifted skin this fall! Our customers love the Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer for its rapid absorption, free from oil. Suitable for all skin types; even combination, our moisturizer will restore your skin’s natural balance and brightness.

The Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer is fortified with our key ingredient, Swertia Chirata, a Himalyan plant known to regenerate skin. See for yourself as your skin transforms into a renewed, supple version of its summer self.

This fall while you witness the beauty of the changing of seasons, witness the transformation of your skin’s natural beauty with Ankaa!