The Importance of Clean Beauty

Ankaa: Clean Beauty

Looking to improve your beauty and skin care routine? Clean beauty is the newest movement in improving your routine for the better. Choosing these products means choosing a non-toxic, chemical-free, all natural lifestyle! Today we have a list of reasons why you should switch to clean, natural products for better, clearer skin:

1. Soothe Your Skin

Say no to artificial ingredients and hello to plant-based ingredients that promise you beautiful skin without the irritation. Many conventional beauty and skin care ingredients can flare up allergies, working against your beauty goals, whereas clean beauty products contain antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients that work double time to make you beautiful inside and out!

2. All-Natural Fragrance

Many clean beauty and skin care products are formulated with botanicals to create floral scents without artificial irritants. Not only are these ingredients great for your skin, but they can double as an all-natural fragrances!

3. Love for You and the Planet!

Looking to decrease your carbon footprint? Natural-based beauty and skin care products are free of chemicals that require massive amounts of energy to produce. These chemicals can also be harmful to the environment as they travel through our drains and plumbing. Natural ingredients are energy- and plant-saving, making another step in your goal to become more eco-friendly!

4. Anti-Aging Solutions 

Tired of buying anti-aging products with long lists of unreadable ingredients? Clean beauty products with plant-based ingredients can deliver the same effects without harsh chemicals. Aloe vera, grapeseed oil, and swertia chirata are just a few naturally-derived ingredients that will guarantee you anti-aging results such as tightened and lifted skin.

5. More Bang for Your Buck!

Clean beauty products are consistently more effective than conventional ones, meaning less product is required to allow nutrients to sink into your skin. The natural ingredients in these products are more often than not concentrated into extracts which are formulated specifically to deliver powerful results. Less product, more power? Sign us up!

Make the switch today to a clean beauty routine for you, the planet, and your beautiful skin!