The Ankaa Sensation: What to Expect from Our Products!

The Ankaa Sensation: What to Expect from Our Products!

Admiring our line of botanical skin care products, but wondering how they’ll smell and feel? No problem! Today, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions that will give you all of the answers regarding the alluring sensations of our products. Get informed on the best in naturally-derived, vegan, and cruelty-free skin care with this latest post!

1. What do Ankaa products smell like?

All Ankaa products are fragrance-free! Because Ankaa develops products with dermatological concerns in mind, we never add harsh fragrances to our products. Artificial scents can often cause irritation or even allergic reactions. At Ankaa, your skin safety is our number one priority.

We also know that many consumers are sensitive to strong scents, so we always assure that our products never give off a strong aroma or odor. Skin care is an indulgence, it shouldn’t be a chore!

2. What is the texture of Ankaa products?

Both our Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer and our Smooth & Lift Time-Resist Perfecting Serum are formulated to be very lightweight and bouncy to the touch. After wearing heavy makeup all day, we know you crave something light as a feather to soothe your skin. We promise you’ll fall in love with our smooth and silky formulas.

3. How do Ankaa products feel on the skin?

Because our products are lightweight to the touch, their formulations feel ultra-nourishing as they skin into your skin upon application. You’ll also feel an incredible hydrating, protecting, and glowing sensation as you gently work the product into your skin. If we can boil it down to one word: rejuvenated. Let your skin feel new again by trying our two-step moisturizer and serum routine today!

4. What results can I expect from Ankaa products?

First and foremost, expect ultra-hydration that is suitable for all skin types. Our products are suggested for twice daily use, meaning they work diligently to regenerate skin cells for optimal protection from irritants and free radicals. With prolonged use, you’ll notice a beautiful glow from within and skin tightening effects that reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Yes, you can have it all with Ankaa!

Now you know all about what Ankaa products are like when they’re delivered straight to your door! Try today and see the results for yourself!