Stay Smooth, Not Scary This Halloween!

Ankaa: Stay Smooth, Not Scary this Halloween!

Costume party coming up? Of course half of the fun is deciding your costume, but all the dread stems from worrying about whether that green paint or fake blood will make a nightmare -- on your beautiful skin!

We always have you covered at Ankaa, whether it be under a scary mask, face paint, or just your everyday makeup! Here are some quick tips from us to keep your skin looking smooth, not scary this Halloween!


  • Test, test, test!

To prevent any allergic reactions, always test cosmetics in a small area for 24 hours. If there are any signs of a reaction, stay away! Using irritating makeup directly on your face can cause serious reactions that go beyond making your skin uneven. Do yourself a favor and test, test, test!


  • Ready? Set? Prep!

After testing that makeup, it’s time to get ready! You’ve watched a few tutorials here and there, and now you are ready for the real deal! But before you begin that Halloween magic, remember to prep your face for the horror that is yet to come!

We recommend applying our Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer before putting on your favorite primer. Moisturizer will bring necessary hydration to your skin in advance of dry, highly pigmented cosmetics. Primer creates a clean canvas over your face to make sure that makeup applies evenly. These two are the cute couples’ costume of skin care -- completely unstoppable!


  • Cleanser is a Girl’s Best Friend

We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again: Always cleanse before you head to bed! Going to sleep with makeup on is a huge no-no, but sleeping with synthetic or even prosthetic makeup products on your skin is a recipe for disaster. You may enjoy watching horror movies during the season, but don’t let your skin turn into the next horror!

If you are wearing particularly heavy makeup this Halloween, first gently wash your face with water. Be sure not to scrub, as this motion may irritate your skin. Only when your face is mostly clean should you follow with your regular cleanser, taking extra care to be gentle while washing.


  • Our Favorite Treat… Moisturizer!

Makeup removed? All cleansed? You know the drill. Moisturize!

Moisturizer is crucial in an everyday routine, but even more so after a long night with heavy makeup. Most of the Halloween makeup you can find is also extremely drying, as it is not meant for everyday wear. Return moisture to your skin after that wickedly good party by remembering to moisturize before bed!

At Ankaa, we will certainly be using our Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer. Packed with all-natural ingredients, it is sure to pack a punch and fight back at that horrifying Halloween makeup! Laminaria saccharina promotes hydration while swertia chirata works endlessly to regenerate your skin. 


  • Give Me a Break!

That is surely what your skin will be saying on November 1st! So listen to her, and let her breathe. The day after your spooky night on the town, let your skin regenerate with the help of Ankaa’s moisturizer and the rest of your skincare routine. Skip the makeup if you can. This allows your skin to heal from drying, synthetic ingredients from the previous night. Trust use: your skin will repay you 1000 times over thanks to our moisturizer’s regenerating properties. 

This Halloween, remember our tips -- it’s time for your skin to get smooth, not scary!