Spring Skin Care Tips: How to Rejuvenate from Winter Damage

Ankaa: Spring Skin Care Tips: How to Rejuvenate from Winter Damage

Spring has finally sprung! As the weather gets better and the flowers start to bloom, you may start to wonder how you can give your skin a treat for the new season. Today we’ve gathered a few tips for you to transition your skin care routine into the spring season!

1. Exfoliate!

After the constant winter winds hitting your face, your skin is begging for a little TLC! Exfoliation rids skin of dead, dull, and dry cells that clog up pores and leaves your skin with a less than desirable tone. Pick out a gentle exfoliator that will promise you results without harmful abrasion so you can say goodbye to dull winter skin today!

2. Dark Circles No More!

Tired after those short days with little sunshine? Try investing in an under eye cream. Not only do these treatments work to prevent signs of aging, but they also cool your skin and reduce puffing. Next thing you know, that woman in the mirror has little to no dark circles! What a better treat for springtime?

3. Sleep Tight!

Although the spring weather is not as harsh as winter weather, your skin still needs a bit of extra care, especially in the transition between these seasons. The best solution to increasing hydration, smoothness, and even tone is to remember to apply your favorite moisturizer every night before bed. Many nighttime moisturizers also contain anti-aging ingredients that work wonders while they sink into skin overnight. We love our Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer for these and many more reasons!

4. A Little Something Special…

While you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a little something special? Indulge in an ultra-hydrating, calming, or purifying sheet mask to cool and hydrate your angry winter skin. Using masks 1-2 times per week is a wonderful way to let yourself indulge in a little self-love without breaking the bank, as most sheet masks typically cost around $2-5. If you’re looking for any specific ingredients to treat your skin with, sheet masks are a great option as they are often marketed by their primary active ingredients (such as green tea, lavender extract, charcoal, and more!)

5. Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

Finally, it’s just what the doctor ordered… the great outdoors! Letting your skin breathe and enjoy the fresher, crisper spring air is what your skin and body need after a long winter season. Because the wind is not as dry, spring air does not leave your skin as dry and irritated as the past few months. Plus, you’ll get more and more steps in without sacrificing your skin health! Give it a shot on this weekend’s hike!