Skin Care in the Age of Self Isolation!

Ankaa: Skin Care in the Age of Self Isolation

Let’s be real. None of us saw this crisis coming. Although times might be tough and it may seem like the end is far out of sight, we have to remain strong and united in the face of such troubling events. Taking care of yourself, from your physical to your mental health, is more important than ever. You may be itching to get out of the house, to treat yourself in some small but meaningful way. Today, we’ve compiled a few tips for you to treat yourself in your skin care routine to make your self-isolation days just a little bit better.

1. Keep it Moving!

We all remember our teenage years, full of angst and stress. Unfortunately, all of that pent-up emotion, particularly stress, can lead to irritated skin and blocked pores. If you are struggling like many of us through these times, you may notice that your skin is a bit more angry than usual. 

There is one solution that you can try, however! Exercising has been proven to increase endorphins, or the “happiness chemicals” in our brains. By releasing endorphins, you also cut down on the chemical reactions produced by excess stress. In turn, you will notice your skin clears up as your brain releases more productive, happier chemicals. If you don’t have a ton of equipment at home, try searching at-home workouts on YouTube for 10 or 15 minute sessions that can get your blood flowing and your endorphins pumping!

2. Catch Some ZZZ’s

Scary headlines may be keeping you up at night, robbing you of precious sleep. While it may seem like we all have more time on our hands, letting sleep get away from you is not something that you should take lightly. Not only does lack of sleep take a toll on your mood and mental health, but it also can prevent your skin cells from staying healthy

During sleep, our skin cells can fight against harmful invading bacteria and viruses that cause irritation and congestion. Plus, more sleep = less dark circles. Getting more sleep is a win-win situation -- better for the mind and the skin!

3. Stick To Your Routine!

You’ve probably heard this one a hundred times over but -- stick to your routine! Keeping up with our daily habits keeps our brains healthy and happy during the unfortunate situation of quarantine. Flex those routine muscles by maintaining your skin care regimen! That means moisturizing twice per day with your favorite moisturizer (we love our Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer), cleansing morning and night, using serum, and even using a mask once or twice a week! 

At Ankaa, we all know how hard these times may seem. Our whole lives have been upended just like everyone else. But we also know that now more than ever, is the time to keep up the good spirits and take care of what is most precious -- the health of ourselves and our loved ones. So keep going, we’ve got all your skin care needs covered

All the best and good health!