Ingredient of the Month: Bellis Perennis

Ankaa: Bellis Perennis

Winter may still be going strong, but you can still embrace the beauty of spring’s flowers with our ingredient of the month, bellis perennis!

1. What Is Bellis Perennis, Anyway?

You may be more familiar with this little flower than you think! Bellis Perennis is also called the common daisy or the English daisy. Yes, the same flowers you may have picked as a child, and the same flowers your significant other may gift to you!

The common daisy has been used for centuries for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, dating back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. We’d say that this flower is truly time-tested!

2. The Science Behind The Daisy

So how does this little flower do so much magic in Ankaa’s botanical skin care products?

One of bellis perennis’ most well-known skin care benefits is its’ ability to combat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The L-arbutin found naturally in daisies blocks extra melanin from forming after UV exposure, preventing those dreadful splotches you may develop after a few hours in the sun. Bellis perennis is a safer, all-natural alternative to the common, synthetic hydroquinone found in many anti-UV skin care products. Say hello to Mother Nature and embrace bellis perennis!

3. New Year, New Skin Care!

Now that the new year is in full swing, a change in your skin care routine is definitely well-deserved. Treat yourself after a long holiday season and try some new products with bellis perennis!

If you reflect on your routine over the past year and take note of some irritation, bellis perennis may be a solution for you! The botanical, all-natural antioxidants and exfoliating acids found in this daisy are safe for sensitive skin and will combat irritation and sun damage. So, come on and switch it up in January with some flower power!

4. How Can I Try It?

See for yourself the beautiful, skin-clearing effects of bellis perennis in our Smooth & Lift Time-Resist Perfecting Serum! Say goodbye to uneven pigmentation and hello to clear, even skin tone with the proven effects of our all-natural, vegan, botanical serum, thanks to the power of bellis perennis!