How to Be Thankful for Your Skin!

Ankaa: How to Be Thankful for Your Skin!

Turkey, stuffing, pie, and family, oh my! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to express your gratefulness for your loved ones and all things wonderful that have happened over the last year. This year, as you sit around the table, don’t forget to give thanks to your skin!

Your skin is a powerhouse of protection against dirt, UV rays, and all other sorts of harm. So let’s not forget about it this season! Here are a few tips that will allow you to nourish your skin in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

1. Keep that Sunscreen!

Just because the sun is setting later and later each day as winter approaches, it is still crucial to apply SPF every day before your makeup routine! UV rays can still make their way through the heavy clouds to damage your skin barrier. Keeping this aspect of your skincare routine consistent will leave your skin feeling thankful for you!

2. Gentle and Hydrating Does It!

While keeping your SPF consistent will keep your skin protected against sun damage, there might be one aspect of your skincare routine that may benefit from change. Cleanser! Switching to an ultra-moisturizing, gentler cleanser can deliver amazing effects to your skin that will leave you asking “Fall -- who?” Trust us, your skin will thank you with a beautiful, hydrated, glow-y complexion!

3. How’s it Glowing?

When Thanksgiving is around the corner, you know what that means… Cold weather is here and it is here to stay, for a good long while. Lack of moisture and cold wind in the air can make our skin dim and dull. Treat yourself and pack on that serum! We love using our Smooth & Lift Time-Resist Perfecting Serum twice per day before moisturizer to boost the beautiful glow that you remember from summer.

4. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!

Arguably the best part of this holiday season -- sharing delicious food with your family and friends! But if you’re the kind of person who breaks out easily after eating salty and sweet foods, you may even dread the feast! Don’t worry, you can incorporate glycolic and salicylic acid to combat any breakouts that spring up the day after. These acids work to remove dead skin cells and allow for the proper breakdown of oils that can build up after Thanksgiving dinner. 

Double-down on the thanks this year and be grateful for your beautiful skin with Ankaa Beauty!