Glow Through Fall with Ankaa!

Glow Through Fall with Ankaa!

We all know that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons. The leaves have finally changed color, the weather is finally cool and crisp, and countless seasonal activities are on! On the other hand, fall can be a difficult transition. The days get darker, the air gets drier, and you might even find yourself turning on the heat! Just as your mind flows with the change in seasons, so does your body. You may find that your skin care needs have changed quite a bit in the past few weeks. This is no emergency, just your body going through its natural cycle through the year. But how can you address those extra fall skin care needs? Don’t fret, Ankaa has some tips for you!

Switch it Up!

While you may be in love with the way your cleanser worked in the summer, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t switch it up for fall! When temperatures drop, moisture tends to leave the air, depriving our skin of 24/7 natural hydration. Switching to a more moisturizing cleanser may be the solution for you. These cleansers will not only do a great job at washing away tough makeup, but they will also deliver an added punch of moisture that preps your skin for serum and moisturizer. 

Give ‘Em Glow!

So you’ve switched to a more hydrating cleanser, what’s next? The Ankaa team invites you to embrace your inner glow with our beautiful Smooth & Lift Time-Resist Perfecting Serum! Fortified with real flower and plant extracts, our serum brings the beauty of nature to your skin. Caulerpa lentillifera, a green algae, works double time to smooth and firm your skin while mango seed butter delivers vitamins that boost hydration and glow. Use twice a day before moisturizer for best results.

Less… Really Isn’t More!

Most skin care products suggest a specific amount for application, which is often the perfect instruction for general use. However, just as our wardrobe changes to accomodate the seasons, so should our skin care! In the summer, extra humidity means extra moisture, which allows our skin to do a lot of the work that moisturizer does. But in the fall, humidity begins to slip away as cool, dry air blows in. Using a bit more of product in the fall, particularly moisturizer, can lead to astonishing results!

If you’re looking to switch out your moisturizer this season, Ankaa can answer your call! Our Time-Resist Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer is super smooth and delivers hydration in seconds. We love our key ingredient, swertia chirata, as it provides skin regeneration benefits along with hydration.

So as fall finally takes root, we at Ankaa invite you to say: “Hello, autumn glow!”