Fall back in Love with your Skin!

Ankaa: Fall back in Love with your Skin

It’s official. Fall is finally here! Bring out the boots, leaf rakes, and pumpkin spice lattes! There is beauty all around us this season as the leaves change the summer heat slowly fades away… But you may be in a bit of distress when you begin to notice that your skin is not behaving the way it should. Too dry? Irritated?

Don’t worry, there is a way to sooth your skin. Just follow our recommendations, and you’ll mirror the beauty around you this gorgeous fall season.

  • Reduce Your Exfoliation Routine

Yes, we all love a good scrub here and there. But when the weather gets colder and the wind starts to blow, our skin loses the oils created from summer humidity. This lack of oil breaks down the barrier needed to protect our skin from abrasive exfoliation. To keep your skin hydrated and clear, reduce the number of times per week that you exfoliate and you’ll be on the fast track to beautiful fall skin!

  • SPF Forever!

Moisturizing daily, cleansing daily… These both belong in the skin care gospel. But so does applying SPF! Even though UV radiation is much lower in fall and winter months, most dermatologists recommend sticking to SPF 30 for daily use. Adding SPF in addition to your moisturizer adds another layer of protection and prevents skin cancer!

  • Hello, Humidifier!

While this tip isn’t a routine recommendation, it will certainly help your immune system and skin at the same time!

Tired of waking up with chapped lips, dry skin, and a stuffed-up nose? A humidifier is probably the solution for you! 

Humidifiers increase the humidity of your room through the moisture of a steady mist. Your ultra-hydrating routine is supplemented during your sleep while your humidifier runs, as mist settles into the skin slowly and evenly. This is a great replacement for your skin and body as it gets used to the lack of humidity in daily weather.

  • Fortify Your Moisturizer

Cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, check! What’s missing for fall? Serum!

Serum is applied after cleansing and before moisturizer, and acts as the first of two steps toward ultra-hydration. Serum contains a higher concentration of active ingredients that promote hydration, smoothness, and even tone. But what makes a good serum?

Ankaa’s Smooth & Lift Time-Resist Perfecting Serum is the answer to your call! With mango seed butter that delivers vitamins and moisture straight to your skin, caulerpa lentillifera that smooths texture and firms skin; there isn’t a better solution to soothe your skin this fall! We love using our serum right before our Moisturizer to deliver all the hydrating, smooth, and even effects that Ankaa is known for.

When you’re reaching for that pumpkin spice this season, don’t forget to invite Ankaa to all the fall fun!