Cruelty-Free: Better For All

Ankaa: Cruelty Free Skincare

What does it mean to be cruelty-free and why is it so important? 

Companies that are cruelty-free entirely prohibit animal testing.

Animal testing is cruel at its very core. Animals in cosmetic labs are subjected to hours of testing on end in inhumane conditions with little relief. In our modern society, animal testing is also redundant and unnecessary as testing can be done on cell tissue, taking living, innocent animals out of the equation!

Today we’d like to share the top 5 reasons why you should make your beauty routine entirely cruelty-free:

1. Be a Part of the Change!

When you buy cruelty-free, you vote for a world without animal testing. Cosmetic brands hear the sound of your purchase loud and clear. Boycotting companies that comply with animal testing sends a message that we consumers will not tolerate cruelty!

2. Less Toxic for You and the Planet!

Cruelty-free companies often share a common ethos: love for animals, you, and the planet. That means that most cruelty-free beauty brands use eco-friendly, non-toxic ingredients that are skin clearing, nourishing, vegan, and naturally-derived. Breathe a sigh of relief as you read and understand ingredient labels and also know that no animals have been harmed.

3. Know the Facts

While you may already exclusively buy cruelty-free, it is important to understand the devastating effects of animal testing in order to put it to a halt. Animals in cosmetic labs are force-fed or rubbed with chemicals for days on end before being euthanized. To add a layer to the cruelty, animal tests are often only 40-60% reliable. That’s why modern, cruelty-free testing uses human cell tissue to more rapidly and accurately predict allergic reactions.

4. It’s Easy as 1-2-3!

Cruelty-free brands are loud and proud! Most brands clearly advertise their cruelty-free status and will clearly state that they prohibit animal testing. If you find this hard to locate on a brand website or packaging, most likely, the brand is not cruelty-free. But good news for you -- there are many tools online to find cruelty-free brands. And if you don’t spot your favorite on the “naughty” or “nice” list, all it takes is a quick email to a brand rep to find out for yourself.

5. Higher Quality, Better Skin

Cruelty-free beauty and skincare is formulated with care and consideration for keeping your skin safe and beautiful. That means investing in high-quality, natural ingredients that may cost more, but ultimately deliver a better product for you, animals, and the planet. 

Are you convinced? Now that you know why we think cruelty-free beauty is so important, let us know why you buy cruelty-free by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram. We love hearing your thoughts just as much as we love our cruelty-free regimen!