Ankaa: Made In America with ❤️!

Ankaa: Made in America Skincare


As our world continues to globalize, it becomes harder and harder to find products that are 100% made in the USA. Many companies choose to manufacture overseas because of cheaper costs and labor and relaxed regulations. In the world of skin care, this can also mean that your product has been created unethically through low wages or even animal testing! 

Lucky for us, there are skin care companies that are 100% made in America. At Ankaa, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality, ethically-made skin care that makes you feel good inside and out! Here are a few reasons why you should buy American-made skin care today:

1. Support the American Dream!

It’s a tried and true tale, the American Dream. But in our age, where multinational companies dominate each industry, it can be harder and harder to believe that small business and entrepreneurship is possible. 

But it is! By purchasing skin care made in America, you show your support for the small creators and innovators in the beauty industry in your own beautiful country. Buy small today and keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive!

2. Know What’s Inside

Skin care products made in the US are held up to high safety standards. Our government fights to protect us consumers, but unfortunately products made overseas may not have been held up to these same standards. Buying skin care made in America means buying completely toxin-free, skin-safe products.

3. Skin Care Made With A Heart

Too often we hear about the terrible conditions, wages, and long hours that factory workers are subjected to overseas. Unfortunately many countries where American companies manufacture their products happen to have little to no protective labor laws. Workers, sometimes even children, go home with little money after working all day long on products that may not even meet traditional safety standards. 

But when you buy American-made skin care, you can rest easy knowing that workers in these US-based factories are protected by our strict labor laws. No children, no long hours, fair pay, and skin-safe ingredients. Only the best for our workers and our consumers

So try Ankaa today! All of our products are 100% made in America with love and care from our workers to you. Choose the small business-loving, thoughtful, ethical choice today!